Florida Trip Permit

Florida Trip Permit is to allow any vehicle to operate in Florida which is not registered under IRP by any other jurisdiction other than Florida. The IRP Trip Permit can be obtained through any one of the various wire service companies listed in Florida IRP Manual at a cost of $30 and is valid for ten days. Out-of-state carriers must have a Trip Permit to enter the Florida. Florida-based carriers with no IRP registration and wants to travel in other jurisdiction must contact either that jurisdiction or register the vehicle under IRP in Florida.

Hunter Permit

A Hunter Permit is a limited permit got by an owner-operator who is not a lessor, allows the movement of an unloaded vehicle with no current registration. This permit can be obtained from various wire services and is valid for 10 days. The original Hunter Permit must be carried in the vehicle and the duplicates or photocopies are not accepted. Florida recognizes a valid Hunter Permit issued by another jurisdiction and the other jurisdictions recognizes a valid Florida Hunter Permit.

Florida Temporary Fuel Use Permits

Vehicles with no IFTA license must secure an IFTA decal or secure a Temporary Fuel Permit before operating on Florida highways or on any IFTA member jurisdiction highways.

To get a Florida Temporary Fuel Permit, see the Florida IFTA manual.