Oversize Permits and Overweight Permits

A Florida overweight / oversize permit is required to move any oversized or overweight vehicles or combination of vehicles (including load) that exceeds the legal size and weight on Florida state highways. Except certain exempted vehicles by law, any vehicle/vehicle combination which exceeds the following truck dimensions and configurations are not allowed to move without a permit:

  • Maximum WIDTH exceeding 102" or 96" on wide travel lane with less than 12'.
  • Maximum HEIGHT exceeding 13'6" or 14’ for automobile transporters.
  • Maximum LENGTH
    • A single-unit vehicle exceeding 40'
    • Truck Tractor with semi-trailer exceeding 48' with a kingpin distance exceeding 41' from the rear axle center, or group of axles, to the kingpin center of the fifth wheel connection.
    • Straight Truck with trailer when the combination exceeding 68'
    • Truck Tractors hauling automobiles with semi-trailer exceeding 50' as a qualifying auto transporter (able to transport automobiles on the power unit) when the exceptions in Florida Statutes.
    • Front end overhang exceeding 3'
  • Gross WEIGHT exceeding the legal limits established in Florida Statutes.

A Florida trip permit is issued to cover a movement from a single source to a single destination and valid for 5 days to make a trip. A florida blanket permit allows to cover multiple trips for a time period not exceeding 12 months.

Applying a permit

  • Apply online through the Permit Application System at:
  • To apply via mail or in person:

    Mailing Address:
    Florida Department of Transportation,
    Permit Office, 605 Suwannee Street,
    MS 62 Tallahassee,

  • For applying in person at the Permit Office, fax (trip only) or mail.
    • Permit fees payment must be received prior to permit issuance.
    • Remit may be made by cash, check, credit card, escrow (ARI) account or money order.

Please visit the FDOT Permit Office Website at https://www.fdot.gov/maintenance/owodpermits.shtm for permit costs under the “Schedule of Fees”.

Read your permit carefully before you begin the trip and make sure the permit is correct, clear, easily read. If the permit is found incorrect, contact the Permit office immediately.