Truck Stops

Truck Stops helps the state truckers to identify the nearby fuel destinations to fulfil their fuel requirement while travelling between jurisdictions. Truck Stops was initially started to track the nearby fuel destinations but later with services like refreshments, entertainment, and movie theaters along with parking area facilities, restaurants, etc.

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Trucking Management Software

TruckLogics is a cloud based truck fleet management software designed for small and medium-sized fleet operation. It offers services like fleet maintenance, freight brokerage, dispatch, route planning and optimization, rates and quotes management, compliance management, load optimization, and more for truckers. TruckLogics, a user-friendly app is available in desktop and mobile phones.

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Florida IRS Contact Information

City Street Address Days/Hours of Service Telephone
Daytond Beach/Holly Hill 149 s.
Ave.Daytona Beach, FL 32114
Monday-Friday - 8.30 AM - 4.30 PM
(Closed for lunch 1 - 2 PM)
**This office is closed 3/13**
**This office closes at noon 3/14**
Services Provided
Office Information
Make Appointment

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Florida DL & MV Contact Information

BMV Contact Information Phone Number Business Hours
12 SE First Street
Gainesville, FL 32601
352-374-5236 Monday - Friday
8.00 AM - 4:30 PM

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The International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) is an agreement created to simplify the fuel consumption tax reporting by interstate motor carriers.
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The International Registration Plan is an agreement created among U.S states, Columbia District and Canada provinces allows the carrier to register at home state and operate in all jurisdictions. Contact the base jurisdiction to register your vehicle with IRP apportioned license plates.
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The UCR requires individuals and business that operate commercial motor vehicles in interstate or international commerce to register their business with a participating state and pay an annual fee based on the size of their fleet.
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FMCSA provides information about your rights when moving across state lines (interstate moves). Its main goal is to reduce dangerous safety violations like crashes, injuries and fatalities.
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The Transportation Department issues special permits for operating of vehicles/loads exceeding the legal size, and weight. Apply and complete the application to get the special Transportation Permits.
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